Monday, March 27, 2017

DeFYNIRS of the Queen's Community: Joy Yen

This week's DeFYNIR is a past Executive, Joy Yen! Joy has been an Executive for FYNIRS for two years, a landlord before that. Outside of FYNIRS she has been involved within the Computer Science Faculty as a mentor for SUDO, a women's coding initiative, as well with the newly launched DATA journal.

What was the name of your frosh group?
My Landlord group was Ice Frosh.

What is one thing that makes you proud to be a FYNIR?
I'm proud to be a FYNIR because I was not a FYNIR in my first year but I was warmly welcomed.

What was your most memorable moment from FYNIRS Orientation Week?
My most memorable moment from Orientation Week was my first day as a Landlord waiting for the first frosh to show up.

How has FYNIRS helped you throughout your time here at Queen’s?
FYNIRS has helped by introducing me to a bunch of my friends. I've met some wonderful people in the lounge and done great work with my Co-Landlords and Co-Execs. This great sense of community is what has driven me to get involved and give back to FYNIRS. I have lived my whole life in Kingston and have always felt connected with Kingston and Queen's University.

What's one thing about FYNIRS you'd like other people to know?
People should know that FYNIRS is a friendly and diverse community. Come to the lounge or events and say Hi.

The FYNIRS Executive team would like to thank Joy for all she has done for FYNIRS as well as for the general computing community. We wish Joy a happy fifth year and hope she continues to expand her involved within Queen's and the general Kingston area. We encourage other FYNIRS as well to continue to seek opportunities in order to get involved in both the Queen’s and Kingston communities!

Do you know a FYNIR who is deserving of some recognition for their involvement in the Queen’s community? Nominate them for an interview here:


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